Simple and fast valid measurements

The compact IRSphinx spectrometers from Comline are available in specific model variants for the analysis of solid, liquid or gaseous media. Depending on the version, they could be suitable for sampling (by simply applying to the IRSphinx’s measuring field) or working in the transmission processes, even during ongoing operation of plants and machines:

IRSphinx Lab

Standard version for stationary laboratory use

IRSphinx Industrial

Temperature stabilized, with additional CAN interface

IRSphinx Portable

For portable use – battery-powered and with Bluetooth interface

IRSphinx Fieldkit

With robust V2A protective housing, ideal for fixed installation

IRSphinx spectrometer in ATR version

In the ATR version of the IRSphinx, the sample is applied to an easily accessible measuring field with exposed ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) crystal – ideal for laboratory applications as well as for mobile (“handheld”) use. The IRSphinx model, ATR Portable, has a powerful LiPo battery and can be operated independently from the power supply and using a tablet PC over a long period of time.

Data sheets

IRSphinx in transmission decision

For transmittance measurements, for example, during ongoing plant operation, these model variants of the IRSphinx are available with cuvette, where the measurement of the sample takes place in-flow. With the IRSphinx Transmission Fieldkit, Comline offers a specially protected version of the IRSphinx in a stainless steel protective housing. The cuvette has been specially designed for flow measurements and can be specifically adapted to the measurement task with individual spacers (25, 50, 100 μm).

Data sheets