IRSphinx App

SphinxSuite Software

The modularly constructed software of the IRSphinx runs on PCs and tablets on MS Windows (XP / Win7 / Win8). Intuitively designed, it is easy to configure and allows individual use in a wide variety of applications. Software modules and their features currently available:

Basic version

  • Controls the spectometer

  • Collects and stores spectra

  • Activates additional software modules

Automation - Creating automated measurement procedures

  • Creates automated measurement sequences adapted to customer-specific applications

  • Control of peripheral hardware connected to the instrument (optional hardware interfaces available)

  • Uses external triggers to start/stop measurements and to set the measuring frequency

  • Autostart-Function: Start of the programmed test sequence at program start (with Auto-Reconnect via Ethernet)

Chemometry - Creation of individual chemometric models

  • Data preprocessing of measured spectra (smoothing, derivations, absorption, etc.)

  • Creates and optimizes classification models (KNN) based on your measurement data

  • Classification and visualization of measured spectra including calculation of classification accuracy (offline)

  • Creates and optimizes quantification models (PLS) based on your measurement data

  • Quantification and visualization of measured spectra including calculation of quantification accuracy (offline)

  • Creates similarity-index models (SIX) based on your measurement data

  • Quantifies and visualizes measured spectra, including calculation of Similarity Index (offline)

  • Configures and creates measurement reports in pdf format (offline)

Predictor – interpretation of chemometric models

  • Analysis of measured samples on the basis of previously created chemometric models (KNN, SIX, PLS)

  • Visualization of chemical concentrations and the provision of analysis data

  • Automatic reporting (pdf report) of measured and analyzed samples

  • Configures the spectrometer’s simple mode of use by non-scientific personnel too

  • Automatic setup of a database to analyze trends in periodically sampled measuring points

Stand-Alone Module

  • Configures the measuring instrument for independent operation without a PC

  • Configuration of the average number and time delay between individual measurements

Option: Modulation frequency module

  • Changes the measuring frequency of the spectrometer

All software modules are continually expanded and new functions are provided as updates. Customized extensions can be implemented as part of a project.