Consistently good – with letter and seal

The high quality of the entire Comline production chain is not just proven by our certification, which is in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. The comprehensive control and testing procedures, which we have implemented at all stages of production, ensure continuous compliance with all required specifications. Just one example is the tests on WEETECH testing systems, which we subject all cable sets and central electrical systems to without exception. A complete test protocol can be provided if required.

With up to 64,000 PINs, whole cable networks can be queried and passive components can be tested. Functional tests of active components are possible, as are high voltage and isolation tests.

Specially adapted tools are available to us for approximately 800 different crimp contacts in our product range. Cross section images of the connections created with them are measured and assessed in the in-house laboratory. These crimp connections correspond 100% to the specifications of the contact and tool manufacturers. The test reports for each crimp batch are optionally provided to our customers.

Our quality management

Customer satisfaction is our main objective

We are regularly audited internally by our customers with very positive results and are constantly making ongoing efforts in the search for improvements.

Process and product releases according to standardized norm specifications in the automotive industry

Initial sample release is carried out according to VDA standard, process and product approvals according to PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).

Risk assessments during the development phase and before production start

Implementation of construction and product FMEAs (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

Accomplishments of our quality assurance

Design and in-house manufacturing of electrical and mechanical test equipment

We design, construct and manufacture our test devices and complete testing facilities in accordance with customer specifications and our own specifications.

Simulationsschrank von Comline

Own test program creation and 100% verification

For our 100% tests, we create our own testing programs with query routines and mandatory acknowledgments of the individual steps in the test. This ensures unambiguous security in the tests.

Durchgangstest eines Kabelsatzes bei Comline

Hardware in the Loop (HIL)-Tests

We also check complex assemblies, such as central electrical systems at a rate of 100%. In doing so, both the piping, contact quality, as well as further components (e.g. electromechanical components such as relays) are functionally checked.

Hardware-in-the-Loop-Test (HIL-Test) bei Comline

Tool inspection

Our tools (e.g. crimping tools) are validated before series release. All tools are subject to a maintenance plan to maintain high availability and high production quality.

Werkzeugprüfung bei Comline

Life-time-endurance tests (vibration, temperature changes, climate change)

In order to protect designs and increase product service life, the results from service life tests from our own laboratories give us valuable insights on how to design products optimally and safely.
We have further tests for product certification (eg EMC and IP certificates) carried out at certified and accredited partner laboratories..

Thermal image analysis (IR camera)

For development and product releases, an infrared camera is used to analyze components and assemblies/components (e.g. on circuit boards), in order to be able to localize risk areas at high temperatures (hot spots) in good time.

Wärmebildanalyse bei Comline



As a partner of the Association of the Construction Industry, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering e. V. (VDBUM), we are also in continuous communication with the users of our products. Knowledge gained in such a way directly impacts our constant improvements to our products and processes.