Cable sets and systems of the highest quality

Cables and cable harnesses can look “simple” at first sight. Or highly complex, with numerous individual conductors, ramifications and connectors. One way or another, their reliability can be vitally important, for example when it comes to ensuring the greatest possible prevention against failure in vehicle electrics or warning signals.

From development and quality-monitored production, to comprehensively protecting your cable harness against wear, tear and damage, you can rely on Comline’s many years of experience in the field of cabling systems.

Automated cable harnesses production

Automatisierte Kabelbaumfertigung bei Comline

Fully or partly-automated cable harnesses manufactured at virtually any length

Battery cables and high current networks

Batteriekabel von Comline

Battery and ignition cable production with crimp force monitoring at cross sections of up to 150 mm2

Highly complex cable harnesses

Komplexer Kabelbaum von Comline

Cable harnesses even in a highly complex design, for example with over 3,000 individual parts

Safety switch

Sicherheitsschalter von Comline

with injected cable harness for vehicle seats


including wiring harness and switches

Trailer connecting cables

with all associated plug-in connectors

Vehicle lighting

all types (inside and outside)

A la carte processing

Comline offers rational, automated solutions, when possible, for the assembly and processing of cables, plug-in connectors, on-board electrical systems and industrial cabling, with an extensive range of processing possibilities depending on the requirements.

Cutting in length and editing

  • Cable assembly

  • Pre-assembled single wires – with contacts and plug-in connectors from well-known manufacturers

  • Tinning and soldering operations

  • Cutting and contacting all conductors with printed text

  • Inscription (laser/printing/labelling) of cables and assemblies

  • Crimping with crimp force monitoring and documentation

  • Cable connections using modern ultrasound welding processes

  • Bonding technology

  • Injection moulding

Protecting and encasing

  • Bandaging and braiding

  • Plastic coating (injection moulding, electronic resins)

  • Sheathing with nylon yarn

  • Sheathing with insulating sleeves or corrugated pipe

Housing and control cabinets

  • Production and provision of required sheet metal and steel components

  • Control cabinet construction

  • Metalwork and surface treatment by qualified suppliers