Intelligently wired

Comline develops and produces highly robust cable harnesses, resistant enough even in the toughest conditions. We not only supply all the components of complex on-board electrical systems on request, but also install them – regardless of whether they are “just in sequence” on our customers’ production line or in-house supplied subsystems.

Quality cable sets manufactured by Comline are used by well-known construction and commercial vehicle manufacturers, as well as in the automotive industry and for military applications. It is therefore quite possible that “a piece of comline” is hidden inside something you are using, whenever you encounter a modern agricultural machine or a loading or construction machine.

Core competencies

Cable assembly and bonding

Fully-automated cutting including printed text and contact with electronic crimp force monitoring.

Complex on-board electrical systems

Cable harnesses, dashboards, systems and complete central electrical systems.

Comline as a system supplier

We take care of cost-effective procurement, production, programming, assembly and the supplying of spare parts.

Cable set manufacturing for robust applications

Cable sets with the best possible protection, due to solutions such as bandaging and braiding, plastic sheathing or sheathing with nylon yarn, insulating sleeves or corrugated pipe.

Industrial cabling

Developing and manufacturing cable sets and systems for industrial applications, including programming electronic components if required.

Control cabinet manufacturing

Production and provision of required sheet metal and steel components is included on request.